We have started collecting penstemons as the hummingbird population is much larger here and in need of more entertainment and 'territory' for each bird. This year was the first I experienced territorial battles between hummingbirds.


We have managed to collect a few different colors, and hope they settle well into our sunny slope that has just been finished. See them by clicking on the flower to the left.


At a later time, when I have confirmed names, I will add them to the blog, but in the meantime I wanted to share our fall colors.

Along with the chrysanthemums, we usually have a few fall pansies around our entrance. As the pots were constantly being moved for driveway construction this fall, planting in the ground hasn't been an option.


Our Hosta Family

We have a number of hostas to add to the page attached to the photo at the left, when we can attach the right label to recent photos.


The Shrub Section

Trees and shrubbery are attached to the photo left, so click and enjoy.


Bulb Experiences

Tulip, "Antoinette"

This has been the most entertaining of bulb displays we have managed so far. The tulip has multiple stems, and the flowers change from yellow, to pink, to deep pink, over their lifetime. The bulbs come from Vessey seeds, and are hard to acquire, as they consistantly run out each season.

Crocosmia. We love to attract the hummingbirds that adore this plant.


Clematis and Other Vines

Please click on our beautiful Multi Blue to view some of our clematis collection.